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It’s summer!

Kids are out of school and switching to their summer routine of having fun. It can also mean unstructured schedules and unhealthy food choices. 

While burgers, hotdogs and fries are okay once in a while, eating well is incredibly important for growing children as childhood obesity is a serious issue.

One of the best ways to prevent childhood obesity is to improve eating habits. Summertime can be a great opportunity for helping kids understand the importance of good nutritional habits by helping them learn more about what they eat.

Learning about healthy food varieties can set kids up for success as healthier adults and lower their risk of future health issues like diabetes, heart disease or hypertension.

Nasco Nutrition has a fantastic range of nutritional teaching aids and products. Let us be your trusted partner to help give your clients the knowledge they need to make healthy food choices, set dietary goals and achieve an overall healthier life.


4" x 6Double Food Cards – WA24925

Perfect for teaching nutrition, food variety and portion sizes. Each deck includes 100 cards with representation from all food groups. One side shows a food picture and the other side has a nutrition label with the portion size.



15" Nasco Nutrition Picture Toss-Up Ball – WA24179

A flexible teaching tool that can combine physical activity with nutrition education. Helps kids to identify 35 different foods, the food groups they fit into and its main vitamin or mineral contribution. Includes a repair patch.



Healthy Kids Food Replica Kit – WA33078

Create many different meals with this complete kit! Includes replicas from the dairy group, fruits, grains, proteins, vegetables and more. Also includes the Healthy Kids TearPad™.


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